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Cat boy summer

Alex Jones might not know what cat boys are, per his texts. (Hat tip to @EyesontheRight for this title.) Well, I think I do know what cat boys are. I defined them here in Part 4 of the Alex Jones series:

Alex Jones on alleged FBI monitoring of Nick Fuentes: ‘It’s a trap’
Two years before Alex Jones partnered with Nick Fuentes through his streaming website, Cozy.TV, Infowars performer Millie Weaver warned Jones against associating with the antisemite, claiming that the FBI monitored him, texts show.

My attempt (slight cough): “Cat boys” refers to men or non-binary people who dress or behave as cats, often in a manner that evokes fetishistic, homoerotic play.

Moving onto the heart of the story, which is that Charlottesville white supremacist marcher Matthew Colligan allegedly confessed to being an informant who relays info to the FBI about Nick Fuentes.

Alleged FBI informant Matt Colligan and Richard Spencer in June 2017, three months before the Unite the Right event in Charlottesville.

The time I lost my temper at "Millennial Matt"

I've been covering the radical right for six years now and I can't recall anyone who annoyed me as much in a phone conversation as "Millennial Matt" Colligan.

I called him in 2017 to follow up on a campaign he involved himself in to harass a different bigot, Laura Loomer. I worked at Newsweek then. There are too many 2017 events to cut through to fully explain our conversation. I just remember that my Newsweek editor took me aside to say that I needed to behave more professionally after she overheard the call. By the end of it, the entire newsroom was listening to me fight it out with him. I definitely used expletives. Not exactly a moment I'm proud of but this job carries unique pressures with it.

Anyway, I always found Colligan's persona as an "alt-right" entertainer to be uniquely grating. Like Timothy "Baked Alaska" Gionet, he tried to make Nazi shit cool by tying it to juvenile influencer culture. Just look at his name, "Millennial Matt," for an idea of how insufferable this branding could get in a live setting. I'm getting irritated again just thinking about it. He started to go by "Zoomer Matthew" during the Fuentes era. Matt, are you a millennial or a zoomer?

Now we hear that he may be an FBI informant. His family members seem to be liberals from Massachusetts. His mom posts about her dislike of Clarence Thomas and other conservatives. For all I know, she may donate to SPLC and pay my salary. She's right in that demographic. I feel bad for her. I have to wonder if the FBI might strategically pick someone like Colligan based upon his background, if the allegation is true. I.E., here's your chance to make good with your family.

Also, check this out. It's incredible to hear him broadcast the words "I'm not an informant" directly like this:

Weaver alleges a "bunch of people," not only Colligan  

I just want to highlight one line from this story that ex-Infowars performer Millie Weaver told me.

“He said that him and a bunch of people got rolled up on by the FBI [after Charlottesville].”

Who else could Colligan be talking about here? How many other white nationalists were turned? It's very interesting to think about and I have some informed theories that I can't publish here without legal review. If you're a friend and are curious about my thoughts on other possible federal informants from the Trump era, hit me up on signal: 334-320-6436.

It's not like this is something we don't speculate on all the time anyway. :)