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Call me old fashioned

Here's Part Two of our Alex Jones investigation and it's focused on the connection between Infowars and the Proud Boys:

Alex Jones’ Texts Highlight Infowars Overlap with Proud Boys
Alex Jones’ texts reinforce how closely connected the Infowars host is to members of the Proud Boys – the violent, ultranationalist hate group that rose to prominence during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Some thoughts about this one. It comes no shock that the Proud Boys are misogynistic and male supremacist. That's the core of who they are. It's their
raison d'être, if you prefer terms like that. What fascinates me is just how close all of these people who apologize for rape and domestic violence and (sometimes carry it out themselves) really came to power during the Trump era.

Misogyny is the life force of the contemporary conservative movement. There's no other way to explain men of Alex Jones's character rising into positions of cultural power. There is no other way to explain the acceptance of Trump's behavior with women. Joe Biggs, who you may want to write off as a goon because of J6, or just his physical appearance, is connected to real players in Trump's world.

The title of this post refers to Biggs posting those words about being old fashioned to Twitter followed by "but something about clubbing a bitch over the back of the head before sex really sets the mood right." I repeat the phrase not to give Biggs the shock attention he wanted, but to highlight that he wrote that in public, on social media, and no one around him cared to condemn it.

Here's the landing page to the series again. Next week, stories about Joe Rogan, Andrew Tate and Nick Fuentes:

Alex Jones: The text messages