Highlights from my work in no order:

Stephen Miller: The Breitbart Emails
Mysterious Neo-Nazi Advocated Terrorism for Six Years Before Disappearance
“Alexander Slavros,” a pseudonymous Eastern European essayist and founder of the neo-fascist forum Iron March, no longer appears online under that alias – but his ideology, rooted in thoughts of violence, racial conquest and fascist purity, is spreading.
U.S. White Nationalist Group Linked to Pro-Kremlin Propagandist
Hatewatch found an email address ending with a Russian domain name referenced across the source code of a network of three extreme, far-right websites that operate primarily in the U.S. Those three websites share the same Google Analytics account, one that was first used by a notorious pro-Kremlin p…
Far-Right Propagandist Turns up in Moscow After Jan. 6
Russia Insider founder Charles Bausman traveled from his home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to Washington, D.C., on Jan. 6, and video appears to show him among the insurrectionists that breached the building’s walls. Soon after, he left the country for Moscow.
U.S. State Department Official Involved in White Nationalist Movement, Hatewatch Determines
A U.S. State Department official oversaw the Washington, D.C.-area chapter of a white nationalist organization, hosted white nationalists at his home and published white nationalist propaganda online, Hatewatch has determined.
Jack Posobiec
Jack Posobiec is a political operative and internet performer of the anti-democracy hard right, known primarily for creating and amplifying viral disinformation campaigns. His disinformation typically focuses on making his political opponents seem dangerous or criminal, while ignoring or downplaying…
The Berkeley Springs Hate Group Who Stole Christmas
Nearly three years after the white nationalist hate group VDARE purchased a historic castle in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia, their presence has deepened divisions among neighbors and undercut the town’s efforts to appeal to tourists, according to residents Hatewatch spoke with for this investigat…
Alex Jones on Leaked Video: ‘I Wish I Never Met Trump’
Before multimillionaire conspiracy theorist Alex Jones riled up Donald Trump’s fans with lies about a stolen election, he privately expressed revulsion over the 45th president, a video leaked to Hatewatch reveals.
Spectre Unmasked: Racist ‘Alt-Right’ Podcaster Used To Be Local Reporter
A notorious white nationalist podcaster with a history of instigating harassment campaigns and threats of violence against reporters is in fact a journalist himself, Hatewatch has learned.
White Nationalists, Other Republicans Brace for ‘Total War’
A collection of radical right figures including white nationalists and ultranationalist European leaders gathered in Manhattan for the New York Young Republican Club’s (NYYRC) annual gala Saturday night, where that group’s president declared “total war” on perceived enemies.
Trump Official Brought Hate Connections to the White House
President Trump’s Deputy Communications Director Julia Hahn had connections to the white nationalist movement around the time she joined the White House as an aide, based upon hundreds of private correspondences that were leaked to Hatewatch by a former colleague and friend.
Alex Jones’ Bitcoin Fairy Drops $8 Million in a Month on Infowars
Alex Jones’ anonymous Bitcoin donor dropped nearly $6 million more worth of that cryptocurrency on the embattled extremist and has now given him close to $8 million in 26 days, Hatewatch has determined.
Nick Fuentes
Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist livestreamer who advocates pulling the Republican Party further to the extreme far-right end of the political spectrum. An outspoken admirer of fascists such as Mussolini, Fuentes emerged as an influential figure on the national stage during the now-infamous “Stop…